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The Easiest Way to Configure a Zoom Room

Posted by Riley Conover on Sep 17, 2019 11:02:03 AM
Riley Conover


If you are reading this, you are probably past the setup process. You´ve already purchased an adequate camera, a speaker, some microphones a display screen, a touch controller, and of course you have your mac or pc ready to start a zoom meeting.

Let´s talk about the benefits that you and your company will be experiencing after you finish the software configuration process.

No need to travel

Nowadays, with globalization, your workforce may be scattered all around the country or even around the world! Some time ago, going on vacation or asking for a couple of days off was complicated, because there was no communication whatsoever with the missing employee and his team had to cover for him and carry a load of work.

With video conferencing, every member of the organization can connect through their mobile devices or tablets.

Also, with SIP phones, you can leverage the existing infrastructure to conduct meetings with the workforce.

It facilitates telecommuting

As we said on the previous point, video conferencing is essential for teleworking or telecommuting. With some of the working models of the modern era like the home office concept, you can promote the interaction within the workforce with video conferencing, with the opportunity to be continually supervising and reporting to the employee and vice-versa.

Organizing meetings are far more simple

With online sessions, the huge obstacle of transportation and travel expenses restrictions is removed. This allows your company to do more networking, connecting to a much more significant amount of people in different hours of the day. If the world is not slowing down, you shouldn't.

Also, your meetings can be very scheduled on short notice, and your team will be able to attend regardless of time or location. You will be surprised on how much time you´ll save up and how many meetings you´ll be able to have within a tight schedule.

Humanize conversations

Email communication and telephone calls can feel a little distant, and in some cases, annoying. A video call means eye contact, moving pictures, acquaintance with the endpoint office, and overall a much closer connection. By showing yourself and part of your staff, you are building a relationship.

Many studies have shown that body language is a very much important factor in human communication, use these to your favor.

Screen sharing

One of the fundamental benefits of of videoconferencing is screen sharing. Presentations are key for a successful business relationship and for reporting and showing results. Showing things on the board is convincing and inspires confidence and previous preparation.


Learning and teaching online is one of the mile steps in our generation. It allows people to absorb information in a much comfortable and efficient way. Zoom software provides the options of hosting or attending to webinars, where your employees can acquire a state knowledge without hurdles, using multimedia tools and whiteboards.

Finalize the zoom room configuration and start enjoying all the videoconferencing perks!

Okay, it is pretty clear that zoom meeting has various benefits so, how do I sign in?

First, go directly to the Go to the Zoom Download page to download the software, you will see the Mac and Pc options. Don´t worry it is effortless and friendly.

After completing this first step, let´s talk about the signing in process and the zoom room configuration.

The account owner or an admin on the Zoom account can sign in quickly to the Zoom room with their credentials and choose which room you prefer login. There's also the possibility to create a role in Role Management to work with the zoom room or permit specific members to log into the room.

In the case that you don't want to provide the employee the zoom room login credentials for your account, you can choose to have them set up the meeting with an activation code.

Step by step guide according to Zoom´s page:

If you are signing in as the Owner, Admin or User pay attention.

  1. Open the Zoom Rooms application on your pc or mac.
  2. Open the Zoom Rooms app on the Zoom Rooms Controller tablet.
  3. The computer will display a pairing code. Enter this code on the controller.
  4. Tap Sign in on the iPad or tablet device (controller).
  5. Go ahead and Sign in as the account owner, an admin, or a user with the Zoom Rooms role.
  6. Tap the name of this Zoom Room.
  7. You are done! The computer and controller will now be signed in.

How is this code generated?

After setting up the Zoom Room on the online portal, it will be emailed to you or the user that created the meeting. This code is active for ten days. This alternative is excellent when the person deploying the Zoom Room is not the admin.

Remember, if the ten days lapse has passed, a new activation code Will be needed.

A quick guide on how to use the pairing code:

  1. You´ve already configured the zoom room on the web, so, open the application on your computer.
  2. Don´t forget to open the zoom room app on the iPad or tablet known as the zoom room controller.
  3. Your pc will be displaying the pairing code now.
  4. Enter this code on the controller.
  5. After configuring the Zoom Room on the web, open the Zoom Room application on the computer.
  6. Open the Zoom Rooms app on the Zoom Rooms Controller tablet.
  7. The computer will display a pairing code. Enter this code on the controller.
  8. Tap the Enter Activation Code feature on the zoom room controller.
  9. Enter the activation code that was sent before to your work email.
  10. You are now signed in on both your pc and mac and controller!

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